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Communities of Practice

Communities of Practice (CPs) are virtual groups of coaches interested in a specific topic area. These communities are designed to provide a platform for sharing best practices, emerging trends, tools and tips among ICF Members to advance their professional development.

CPs provide a virtual venue for coaches with a shared interest in a specific topic to advance their professional development; deepen their subject-matter expertise; and share best practices, emerging trends, tools and tips.

Each CP is steered by volunteer leaders who help facilitate the learning and organize the conversations, ideas, and trends that emerge from the group. CPs are designed to promote active participation from their members: Sharing and discussion is always encouraged.

CPs deliver professional development opportunities through a variety of different outputs, including:

  • Webinar presentations from subject-matter experts: Twice a year, each CP will host a live webinar presentation from a subject-matter expert related to its topic area. These sessions are also recorded and archived for ICF Members to access on demand in the ICF Learning Portal.
  • Facilitated discussion sessions: Following the webinar presentations by subject-matter experts, CP leaders will facilitate a live discussion session with members to discuss the information that was presented and share their own knowledge and experience. These sessions will also be recorded and archived for ICF Members to access on demand.


CPs are an ICF Member benefit. CP participation is free for all ICF Members in good standing.

Non-member pricing is $25 USD for a 60-minute session and $35 USD for a 90-minute session.

Joining a CP

CPs are open to all ICF Members. To become an active participant in a CP, please follow the appropriate link below and fill out the information form. After you complete the form, you will be added to the list to receive more information about that particular CP and its sessions.

Career Coaching Community of Practice

Co-Leaders: Florence Lam Kam Goo, PCC (Malaysia), and Shirley Schulz-Robinson, PCC (Australia)


Coaching and Human Capital Community of Practice

Co-Leaders: Latise Hairston, ACC (USA), and Rachel Karu, PCC (USA)

Coaching Science Community of Practice

Co-Leaders: Larry Boyer, ACC (USA), and Wilma Slenders, PCC (Canada)

Ethics Community of Practice

Co-Leaders: Joshua Lissauer, ACC (USA), and George Nuthu, PCC (Kenya)

Executive and Leadership Coaching Community of Practice

Co-Leaders: Afsheen Ismail-Wey, ACC (Switzerland), and Anna-Marie Watson, PCC (United Kingdom)

Health and Wellness Coaching Community of Practice

Co-Leaders: Shiri Ben-Arzi, PCC (Israel), and Ellen Kocher, ACC (Switzerland)

Internal Coaching Community of Practice

Co-Leaders: Amrita Garg, PCC (Canada), and Kim L. Miles, PCC (USA)

Life Vision and Enhancement Coaching Community of Practice

Co-Leaders: Lynda Monk (Canada), and Abirambika Ravivarman, ACC (India)

Team and Work Group Coaching Community of Practice

Co-Leaders: Katerina Kanelidou, PCC (Greece), and Evelina Rog, ACC (Canada)

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