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In Memoriam

New entries are added to this list as the ICF staff receives them. On January 1, the list is archived, and a new annual listing is begun. To add a name to this list, please contact ICF’s communications team at


Ron Bashian, M.D. (USA)

Darcy Calder (Egypt)

Pamela Clarke (New Zealand)

Phil Sandahl, MCC (USA)

Nancy A. Formella, ACC (USA)

Nicole Loeffler Reid (USA)

Deborah Tom, PCC (United Kingdom)

  • 2019

    James Douglas, ACC (USA)
    David Drehmer, Ph.D., ACC (USA)
    Denise King Gillingham, PCC (USA)
    David Edward Gray (United Kingdom)
    David Hinton (United Kingdom)
    Patricia Irwin, PCC (Canada)
    Matilde Elena Leal, ACC (Venezuela)
    Christopher Merrill, PCC (USA)

  • 2018

    Rob Berkley, MCC (USA)

    Judith Binette (Canada)

    Kay Cannon, MCC, ICF Past President (USA)

    Sheree B. Felder (USA)

    Judith E. Glaser (USA)

    Jack Russell (USA)

    Doug Silsbee, PCC (USA)

    Rhonda Simpson, MD, ACC (USA)

    Francesca Spinelli, Ph.D., PCC (USA)

    Mirjam van Roon, Ph.D., MCC (Netherlands)

    María Machón Valbuena, Ph.D. (Germany)

    Jim Vuocolo, MCC (USA)

  • 2017

    Ginger Cockerham, MCC (USA)

    Connie Frudden, ACC (USA)

    Carolyn Matheson, MCC (United Kingdom)

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