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2022 ICF Award Winners

Listed below are those who were recognized in 2022 as winners of the Prism Award, Circle of Distinction Award, and Young Leader Award. You can read the press release for all 2022 award winners in our press room.

  • International Prism Award for Organizations

    2022 International Prism Award for Organizations

    Winner: Intel Corporation

    Intel is a global enterprise based in the U.S. that creates world-changing technology to improve the life of every person on the planet. A true touchstone of social impact and responsibility.

    Coaching has been a catalyst to the profound transformation Intel is making — one which includes the reinvention of both its business and its culture. With over 120,000 employees, 15,000 managers and well over 3,000 already having received coaching since it was first implemented over 15 years ago, the organization and its leadership have seen value in coaching’s role in the overall success of the business. Intel leadership expressed that coaching is integral to its company culture, is a true competitive differentiator, and is sustained by its consistent investment in a tiered coaching approach, which enables heightened workforce engagement and talent development.

  • Circle of Distinction

    2022 Circle of Distinction Award Honorees

    Elena Espinal, MCC (Mexico)

    Elena is one of the first Master Certified Coaches (MCC) in Latin America. She is the founder of the Coaching Con Vision program, which was recently featured in Forbes. Elena’s contributions to the professional coaching world have consistently raised the bar in terms of innovation, commitment, and the highest standards in ethics and delivery. She has founded numerous coaching schools in Latin America since 1998, all of which have been accredited by ICF. Her dedication to integrating cultures from around the world has established new uses for coaching, including with governments as they strive to integrate the indigenous cultures of their countries. Elena was nominated by Laura Bicondoa, MCC; Diana Ajzen, MCC; and Susana Warman, MCC.

    Fran Fisher, MCC (USA)

    Fran is one of the early thought leaders, trainers and pioneers of ICF. In the early 90s, Fran was on the first committee to establish standards for ICF credentialing and became one of the first MCCs. Those who know her claim that she is, without a doubt, one of the early influencers of coaching methodologies that will eventually result in positive social change worldwide. To her core, Fran embodies a Circle of Distinction honoree. Fran was nominated by Patrick Williams, MCC, EdD; Annie Gelfand, MCC; and Adria Trowhill, MCC.

    Soren Holm, MCC (Sweden)

    Soren is one of the first coaches in the Nordic region. As a result, Soren dedicated considerable time into establishing public awareness of the coaching profession. He co-led the development of the ICF Nordic Chapter and served as its second president. He also played a key role in bringing together the European ICF chapter leaders to support ICF’s growth in Europe and served five years on the ICF global board. Perhaps his biggest contributions to the industry have been in his work with credentialing, ultimately leading the development of the PCC Markers, which earned the committee members the 2013 ICF Presidents’ Award. Soren was nominated by Lena Sobel, PCC; Richard Bentley, PCC; and Anja Lindberg, PCC.

    Philippe Rosinski, MCC (Belgium)

    Philippe has pioneered a global approach to leadership and coaching that supports an increase in creativity, impact, fulfillment, and meaning. The Harvard Business School selected his first book, Coaching Across Cultures, as its featured book recommendation in the category of business leadership. Within ICF, Philippe co-founded the ICF Belgium Chapter. He is considered around the world to be the pioneer of intercultural and global coaching, making him an obvious choice for the Circle of Distinction. Philippe was nominated by Eva Benesova; Rose-Marie Fernandez, PCC; and Teruko Kagohashi, PCC.

  • Young Leader

    2022 Young Leader Award Honorees

    Marina Jankovic, MCC (United Kingdom)

    Marina has had a positive impact through coaching in underprivileged communities. In 2021, she created a leadership coaching conference for the Microloan Foundation through which she raised funds to empower hundreds of women and children in Malawi, Zimbabwe, and Zambia. Marina finds time to give back and work towards elevating the coaching profession. She empowers coaching communities to contribute to reducing environmental destruction through mentoring experienced and aspiring coaches. Marina has published the Amazon best-selling book, Your Time To Shine: Awaken Your Greatness to Change the World. Marina received recommendations from Zoran Todorovic, MCC, and Dennis Knight.

    Ricardo Melo, PCC (Argentina)

    Ricardo is the creator of the first network and online portal for Spanish-speaking coaches. A pro-bono coach and collaborator of the First Virtual Marathon against Bullying, he provided training tools to help end bullying and improve self-esteem. In addition to training hundreds of people through his International ICF-accredited school, he trains fellow coaches in his program, “I Am a Coach and Now What?” Ricardo has been working for 10 years in an interruptive way to democratize coaching. Today, he leads the program, “Coaching in Slippers,” for NGOs in deprived neighborhoods. His motto is, “to leave coaching in a better place than we received it.” Ricardo received recommendations from Samuel Stamateas, ACC, and Lesio Andreggiani.

    Shruti Sonthalia, PCC (India)

    Shruti is a deeply passionate coach educator. She has mentored and assessed coaches from around the world to receive their coaching credentials and played a pivotal role in establishing transformational coaching in India. She is also a thought leader in coaching for social impact. She has designed and delivered coaching for humanitarian organizations such as Peace Corps in places like Fiji and Madagascar. Passionate about building communities, she co-founded the Corona Quilt Project, an initiative to enable authentic expression, belonging, and connection, that culminated into public art installations across Indian cities. Shruti is committed to making the ICF network a more inclusive and expansive space, and she is a member of the ICF Foundation Council of Ambassadors. Shruti received recommendations from Dr. Uttara Pattanaik, PCC, and Vijayalakshmi Chari.

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