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Diversity and Inclusion Resources

ICF is committed to providing DEIB resources to as many stakeholder groups as possible as we continue to grow. On this page, you will first find neurodiversity resources that can be applied to any stakeholder group. Then, you will find resources for ICF Chapters and Coach Educators.

2022 State Of Diversity Whitepaper! Read Today!

Neurodiversity Resources

  • Resources in Spanish

  • ADD & ADHD Resources

  • Parenting & Community Resources

Resources by Stakeholder Group

  • For ICF Chapters

    Chapter Diversity Guide

    ICF is happy to announce its Chapter Diversity Guide. The purpose of this guide is to give ICF Chapters an outline of the steps needed to incorporate diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB) to align with ICF’s focus on diversity.

    This guide will discuss:

    • Diversity, mission, vision and value statements
    • Diversity-specific board role
    • Anti-discriminatory statement
    • Diversity training
    • Data and analytics
    • Diversity strategic goals
    • Ways to measure diversity goals
    • Yearly diversity reporting
  • For Coach Educators

    ICF Coaching Education Stand on Social Justice

    We, at ICF Coaching Education, celebrate and honor diversity. We commit to inspiring and holding accountable coach training institutions to provide safe learning spaces that are inclusive and fair for all faculty, staff and coach-students to thrive. We do so in alignment with the overarching one ICF commitment to place diversity, inclusion and belonging at the forefront of everything we do.

    Submitted by the ICF Coaching Education Advisory Committee on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Justice and
    Belonging (DEIJB).

    Resource Guide on Diversity and Inclusion for Coaching Education Providers

    Through the hard and diligent work of special and advisory committees, ICF Coaching Education has created an award-winning resource guide on diversity and inclusion* for coaching education organizations. This guide is a continuously-evolving resource, and we look forward to future iterations with input from all coaching education organizations and providers. Download the most up-to-date version of the resource guide below.

    *This guide was an ASAE 2022 Power of Associations Silver Award Winner.

  • Member Resource Groups (MRG's)

    Member Resource Groups (MRG’s)

    We recognize that barriers stand in the way of some individuals in the coaching community from becoming ICF members, growing as coaches, having certain opportunities, or feeling a sense of belonging. ICF Member Resource Groups (MRGs) aim to dismantle these barriers and overcome obstacles that impede the growth and inclusion of diverse communities in the coaching profession.  

    MRGs offer an opportunity for underrepresented ICF members, stakeholders, and allies to have a space to share, develop, and network with one another. Individuals who participate in these groups will also have access to different resources, including scholarship opportunities, workshops, and other event and course offerings.  

    The following MRGs are currently available to join: 

    BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color): This group cultivates a space for persons of all ethnic and racial backgrounds to share their experiences on a global level, as well as their experiences in the coaching community. This group is not exclusively for those who identify as BIPOC. It is open to who are all who are interested in racial equity in coaching. Join MRG

    Persons with Disabilities: This MRG provides support and resources for those in the coaching community who have experiences with disabilities, whether as a coach, client, or ally. This includes physical, cognitive, sensory, psychological, developmental, and acquired disabilities, as well as chronic health conditions. Join MRG

    Young Professionals (40 and under): The Young Professionals group focuses on building and developing the next generation of coaching leaders and is open to anyone who is interested in learning how generational diversity can help advance the coaching profession. Join MRG

    How to Join an MRG 

    Anyone is welcome to join an MRG, and you can join as many as you would like. MRGs are a free benefit to ICF members. Non-members can participate for up to one year by paying a fee of $45 USD per group. After one year, a non-member must become an ICF member to continue their involvement in the MRGs. We will share details on how to become an ICF member throughout the year.   

    To join, please complete one of our online forms below. After completing the form, you will receive a welcome email and an invitation to Basecamp, our online community forum where you can connect with others in your MRG.  

    Join MRG: BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color 

    Join MRG: Persons with Disabilities 

    Join MRG: Young Professionals (40 and under) 

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