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Ethical Conduct Review Process

ICF’s Ethical Conduct Review (ECR) process provides a forum where individuals can bring complaints about alleged breaches of the ICF Code of Ethics by ICF Members and ICF Credential-holders.

Contrary to what I expected, this was a wonderful experience. The combination of [the IRB’s] caring and openness created space for me to “dig in” to the work the committee had suggested. The result is that I am much more knowledgeable about the issues of race and racism AND much more aware of my own responses as a teacher, trainer, and as a person of privilege.
Recent ECR Process Participant

The ECR process provides for review, investigation and response to alleged unethical practices or behavior deviating from the established ICF Code. It is intended to serve as a “model of excellence” for the fair review of complaints concerning the ethical conduct of ICF Members and ICF Credential-holders.

If you have an ethical complaint against an ICF Member or ICF Credential-holder, we invite you to download and review an information packet and sample form before completing the online complaint form.

Filing a Complaint

Before filing a ethical complaint against an ICF Professional (individuals who are representing themselves as an ICF Member or an ICF Credential-holder, in roles including but not limited to Coach, Coach Supervisor, Coach Trainer and Student of Coaching), you will first want to review the Ethical Conduct Review (ECR) information and Sample Form, both of which are linked in the section above.

Then, walk through the Decision Tree Questionnaire to help determine if you should file a complaint. This survey is linked below. Upon completion of the Decision Tree questionnaire, you will find a link to the Ethical Conduct Review complaint form.

If you have any questions about filing a complaint, please contact

Complaints Regarding Coaching Education Providers

To ensure the integrity of ICF-accredited organizations and protect consumers of coaching education, all organizations are bound by a stringent Code of Conduct and are bound by the Accreditation Complaint process.

  • Independent Review Board (IRB)

    The Independent Review Board (IRB) oversees ICF’s Ethical Conduct Review (ECR) process. ICF is committed to providing a forum where individuals can bring complaints about alleged breaches of the Code of Ethics by ICF Members and Credential-holders. ICF adopted a policy and set of procedures that provide for review of, investigation of and response to alleged unethical practices or behavior deviating from the Code of Ethics. IRB members undertake this process in accordance with the ECR process. For more information on the IRB or ECR process, please view the section below for Ethical Conduct Review process. Selection for this team is a competitive process including an application and verbal interview.

    2023 IRB Members

    Chair: Carrie Hopkins-Doubts, PCC (USA)
    Vice Chair of Development: João Luiz Pasqual, MCC (Brazil)
    Vice Chair of Operations: Cecilia Engquist, PCC (USA)


    • Jürgen Bache, (Germany)
    • Evguenia (Jenny) Barkan, ACC (Canada)
    • Thomas Chen, MCC (Malaysia)
    • Jayaveni Lola Chetti, MCC (Hong Kong)
    • José Manuel Estrada, PCC (Argentina)
    • Franda Graves, PCC (UAE)
    • Anita Gupta, MCC (India)
    • Lynn Harrison, MCC (Canada)
    • Sahaila Irazabal, ACC (Venezuela)
    • Laura Licato, PCC (USA)
    • Michael J. Marx, MCC (USA)
    • Decimar Daisy Ogutu (Kenya)
    • Cathy Pantano, PCC (USA)
    • Gürkan Sarıoğlu, PCC (Turkey)
    • Janine Schindler, MCC (USA)
    • Linda Schnabel, PCC (Canada)
    • Mukesh Sharma, PCC (India)
    • Sandra Stewart, MCC (USA)
    • Svea van der Hoorn, MCC (South Africa)
    • Karl Van Hoey, MCC/ACTC (Belgium)
  • Annual Ethical Conduct and Compliance Report

    ICF’s Ethical Conduct Review process, Program Complaint process and trademark management activities all help promote the integrity of the coaching profession and the ICF brand. Each year, ICF publishes a report providing an overview of these activities during the prior fiscal year.

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